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Ontario produces more than $5 billion worth of minerals a year and ranks as the world’s second largest producer of nickel. The province is also an important producer of gold, copper, zinc, platinum, palladium, cobalt and silver, which come mainly from the Canadian Shield. Seven of the world’s largest vehicle manufacturers also operate 14 plants in Ontario. The province's hospitality and services have also earned numerous recognition worl-wide. It has 272 provincial parks, 600 golf courses, 44 ski areas, the longest freshwater beach in the world which can be found on Georgian Bay, and the most diverse hunting and fishing in North America.

Honest Renovations

Honest Renovations offers renovation consulting services to help you create a perfect renovation plan. Whether it's your home, office, or business establishment, they will work closely with you so that you can focus on imagining your dream project one blueprint and a time. They will take care of the colour schemes, building codes, and legal aspects of your renovation making sure that it turns out the way you envisioned it without going beyond your budget. They will oversee the project in person and ensure the remodel is up to impeccable standards. If an issue arises, their team is there to resolve it with your contractor immediately.

From America to Ontario: The political impact of the Christian right

Over the past few years, Christian right groups have made inroads into the political landscape of certain countries. Two recent examples have been the American and Brazilian elections. Among Christian right organizations, 81 per cent of white evangelicals are credited with helping propel Donald Trump to the White House in 2016. Read more here
A group of people in Canada has shown a growing awareness of Christian right and issues like same-sex marriage, abortion, gender identity, LGBTQ rights, and religious freedom are at the forefront of their concerns. These groups are mobilized politically not only through the effort of pastors at the pulpit but also through think tanks, para-church organizations, and other Christian institutions. They view themselves as being part of a culture war and believe that their values are under attack and that God’s law should regulate all spheres of society, including politics. They have seized the window of political opportunity and broadened their movement to mobilize other traditionalists across religious conservative communities.

Journey Behind the Falls in Ontario Canada

Journey Behind the Falls is a year-round attraction at Niagara Falls and offers a unique view of the waters from below and behind. The visit takes 30 to 45 minutes in the spring and summer months which includes a 150-feet descend by elevator and a walk to the Upper and Lower Observation Decks at the very foot of the Falls. Visitors who take the tour during summer daylight hours get to experience over 2,800 cubic meters of water thundering over the brink every second, traveling 65 kilometers per hour. A biodegradable rain poncho which makes a great souvenir comes with the tour.

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Driving Direction
57 min (81.0 km)
via Queen Elizabeth Way
Fastest route now due to traffic conditions
Journey Behind the Falls
6650 Niagara Pkwy, Niagara Falls, ON L2E 3E8, Canada

Take Niagara Pkwy and Falls Ave/Roberts St/Regional Rd 420 to Niagara Veterans Memorial Hwy W
12 min (4.7 km)

Take Queen Elizabeth Way to Upper James St in Hamilton. Take the Upper James Street exit from Lincoln M. Alexander Pkwy W
45 min (74.9 km)

Continue on Upper James St. Drive to Stone Church Rd E
3 min (1.3 km)

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Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; L9B 1A9"